When Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche conceived the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas project in 2000, he expressed the aspiration that as many people as possible be allowed to participate in building this sacred place in Montana. Realizing that members of his spiritual community had the requisite skills to create the molds and cast the 1,000 two-foot Buddha statues themselves, workshop space was set up in Arlee to begin the lengthy process of making Buddha statues. It was dubbed the Buddha Barn, and so many have gained the benefit of helping to form images of the Buddha.

The Buddha Barn offers weekly volunteer training sessions in hands-on statue casting and finishing, with tasks appropriate to any skill level on Saturdays at 10am. The Garden is just a 25-minute ride from Missoula, Montana.

Volunteer opportunities are also available throughout the week outdoors in Garden, such as weeding, gardening, and landscape work.

To become a Garden of One Thousand Buddhas Volunteer, please click the button below, or contact us at admin@ewam.org.

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Together we can grow this garden of peace!


Dedicated volunteers are accurately replicating these beautiful images in Arlee, MT. Every statue contains the traditional central channel shaft, and sacred substances, prayers, and mantras. After casting, each statue is delicately hand-sanded and carefully cured for one month. The statues are then sealed to ensure enduring integrity.