According to the Bhadrakalpitika Sutra, when the Buddha Shakyamuni became enlightened under the Bodhi tree nearly 2,500 years ago, he was able to see his past and future lives as well as those of others. He was able to see that one thousand Buddhas will appear during this Bhadrakalpa, or fortunate aeon, to teach the precious dharma, the path to the end of suffering. Shakyamuni Buddha knew not only the thousand Buddhas’ names and their parent’s names, but he also was able to see the very events which turned each Buddha’s mind toward awakening.

The Bhadrakalpitika Sutra will be engraved on the handmade ceramic plaques placed at the foot of each Buddha statue in the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas, each of the 1,000 Buddha images representing one of the Buddhas of this aeon. In addition, Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche has generously offered us the opportunity to dedicate the sponsorship of the statues, to place our names or those of loved ones, organizations, teachers or sanghas below the Bhadrakalpitika text on the plaques.

The Buddha statues are all cast from a single, bronze original which was made in Nepal. Molds are carefully constructed and the statues are hand cast by dedicated volunteers at the Garden. Molded from a special recipe of white Portland cement and aggregates, hand-finished, then cured before sealing and placement, each one is mindfully created.

When it is cast, every statue is consecrated with a srogshing, or life force tree, which bears the symbols of the energy centers. Blessed pills made of elements from Tibetan holy sites are embedded in the three places of enlightened body, speech and mind. Prayers and mantras, juniper, cedar and flowers, incense and saffron are all cast into the body of the Buddha statue and sealed.

The thousand Buddhas sit in meditative equipoise along the spokes of the Dharmachakra of the Garden. Walkways provide visitors the opportunity to pass before the Buddhas’ wise and compassionate eyes. Visitors can read each Buddha’s name as well as the unique story of the first seemingly ordinary act that turned his mind forever away from the suffering of samsara and toward the path of awakening to complete enlightenment.

Please join the many generous donors who have helped build the Garden through their sponsorships of statues, stupas and landscape areas. Your sponsorship funds will be used to maintain the Garden so that all may share in the blessings of this instrument of peace, the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas!

There are no more Buddha sponsorships available at this time. There are still stupa sponsorships.


One thousand stupas, each hand-carved from white volcanic stone and enshrining a small statue of the female deity Tara, adorn the outer circle. A stupa may be sponsored for a contribution of $200 with a plaque on which will be displayed either your name as the sponsor, or the name of another to whom you would like your sponsorship dedicated. For example, you might wish to honor a living or deceased family member, beloved friend, or animal companion. CLICK HERE to read an article about Stupas and their significance.

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Thank you for helping grow this Garden of Peace!


The stupas have been hand-carved in Indonesia out of white, volcanic stone. You may sponsor a stupa for just $200 and each stupa will have a dedication plaque with the name of its donor.